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The Graymatter™

 Graymatter™ I call it this, because when you see brains the threat is probably neutralized, and this hawk's ancestry is from headhunters axes.

The head of this hawk was refined from operator feedback, and was then paired with my preferred handle design, similar to a climbing ax.

This hawk is light and nimble with features optimal for CQC. The front spike prevents glancing blows and gets you in to targets that a regular hawk would have to much surface area to penetrate. The beard is meant for accessing the spinal cord, and either spike will assist in manual breaching.

This hawk when carried in my Hawk Holster (designed while I was operating on SEAL Team 8) gives the user the fastest (and most aggressive) deployment for operator needs.

Graymatter and TrackerHawk

Cost for live hawk with sheath:
$600 Single-ridge wrap
$625 Double-ridge wrap
$650 G10 handles

Cost for training hawk:
$150 Single-ridge wrap
$200 Double-ridge wrap
$235 G10 handles