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The Bloodshark™

The Bloodshark™
A Tracker Dan original design, created from the ground up to be an ideal concealment weapon.  The handle and blade length are kept to a minimum to allow users to carry it in virtually any location.  A single edged 3.25" 154CM blade with a false edge swage sits atop a 3.5" handle. 

The length of the handle keeps it from protruding from the hand (reduces it as a stripping point), while the contour is comfortable to thumb cap, or palm assist.  The flair at the end aids in access, allowing the user to bump against the ramped end and comfortably draw into reverse grip.

The standard single ridge wrap optimally fits the support hand in reverse grip of a right-handed shooter. Or optimally fits the right hand in foward grip. While keeping the thickness of the blade at a minimum so that it can be readily concealed where ever the user prefers.

For a more detailed review of this knife, check out the article on it here: Bloodshark™ Article

A full belly flat grind and or sharpened swage are also available.

Cost with include ambidextrous low-profile Kydex sheath:
$245 with flat wrap
$295 with double-ridge wrap   
$370 with double-ridge wrap and shroom cap                           

Black, Flat Dark Earth, and OD Green cord wraps are available for the live blade.   

*Shroom cap is highly recommended for an added $75. Once you feel it you will want one.

Matching trainer (fits the same sheath):
$50 Flat wrap
$100 Double-ridge wrap
$175  Double-ridge wrap with shroom cap

*Blue cord is standard on the trainer.*