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The Battleshark™

The Battleshark™ is the "plus size" version of the Bloodshark™. Two inches longer and designed for overt carry, the Battleshark™ sports a longer blade and larger handle for guys who don't need something quite so concealable.

The Battleshark™ is a more suitable option for those looking for a bigger blade to wear on their chest rigs, and deploy while wearing gloves.

The Battleshark™ (like the Bloodshark™) is made of 154CM steel, and can be made with the same thickness and same grind, or it can be made out of 3/16" stock with a full bell grind and a sharpened swage.

The overall length is 9"

*Shown with Shroom Cap upgrade (+$65)

Cost with included low profile ambidextrous Kydex Sheath:
$260 Flat wrap
$285 Single-ridge wrap
$310 Double-ridge wrap