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Honeybadger™ and Boxbadger™

While many kerambits are large and highly curved, concealment was a priority for this design.  The carry system was designed while I was working a number of personal security details, I was looking for a weapon I could quietly access without attracting attention, and conceal in the palm of my hand till needed.

The Honeybadger™ is an excellent primary or secondary weapon retention tool. Used in your support hand you can still do all your weapons manipulations (tap/rack, mag change, etc.).  Retention is optimal with this blade, it will stay in your hand till you decide to stow it.

The copper ring gives observers the impression that the user only has a ring on.
The sheath comes ready to be either belt mounted, or pocket carried for even deeper conceal-ability.

The Boxbadger™ is (depending on where you live) a legal carry version of the Honeybadger™. It has a single edge with a thumb ramp so it is good for opening boxes in forward grip among other utilitarian uses. Still great for self defense. It can rip, thrust, chop, drag/control, etc.

The sheath I designed from a lot of trial and error some involving blood spots on the floor. This sheath keeps a kerambit secure and snag free. And is the only practical grip it and rip it sheath I've seen. Meaning under duress you can get this tiger claw into battle without getting hung up in the sheath.

Cost for Honeybadger or Boxbadger with sheath:
$325 Flat wrap
$350 Single-ridge wrap
$375 Double-ridge wrap