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Jungle Slim™

Jungle Slim™ came to me while teaching jungle survival at NSW, I saw the need for a light short chopper. We were issued Cold Steel lightweight Kukri's, but due to the design, many broke at the guard. Leaving many an operator up a creek with out a... chopper. The local machete's are great but lack a pointy tip which is nice for thrusting and many survival utilitarian uses. 

   For me I need as light and thin a blade as possible so I can move it fast enough to sever thin thorny vines, and one that is not going to weigh me down since I am carrying a lot of other mission essential gear.

   Thus this blade is 3/16" thick with a full belly flat grind and a tapered tang. Low profile G-10 coarse texture grips keep the blade out of the way and work well with light gloves.

   It is not for building log cabins, but it will get you through the briars, brambles and bushes. And for missions where I am humping gear this is my main survival/zombie blade.