Tracker Dan designed and handmade 
July 7th, 2014
Sold out quickly of the Limited Edition Tracker Dan/ Joe Watson Collaboration. 
Am sending Joe more blanks for another batch. They should be ready in a month or so. 
For the last week and the next I have been on the road working on national security issues that concern us all.
Brought blades and hawks to finish and mail from the road. 
Will be back to the grindstone on July 11th!  Have been filling lots of Mil/LEO/Civilian orders this year since being mobilized to defend our freedom all of 2013.
Be aware that there is a group that has hijacked my blade, sheath and holster designs. If you didn't get it from me, it is an inferior knockoff. 


"The BloodShark™ is the thinnest, most concealable fixed blade there is period. The combo of blade and sheath is from a brother of mine Tracker Dan, and it is very well thought out. From the blade design and finger grooves to the sheath which is second to none. It's the only blade I carry constantly."  - Kyle Defoor